Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you truly enjoy the photographs you will see here - they represent places that I care about and feel a great connection to.

Photography attracted me as a hobby from a young age, growing up in the Sun River Valley of West-Central Montana. Over the years it became a serious hobby, and finally a second avocation. And it truly is my passion in life. Someone once said that the best photographs are those that are taken by someone who loves the subject matter. I find great satisfaction in the world around us and hope that it shows in my photography. A great landscape photograph is certainly a combination of skill and then being in the right place at the right moment in time, but with the always uncontrollable factor of nature tossed in. Another photographer once said, "Most photographers are late for work". That sweet light just before sunrise is magical.

I live in Utah so most of my photography centers around the southwest, although you will see images from Montana to Mexico, and from Hawaii to the Caribbean. They are places I've traveled to both for pleasure and to capture their essence in photographs. Most of my work is sold via word of mouth, although I have exhibited in several galleries in the Salt Lake City area. I have entered only one photography contest, the now (sadly) demised Kodak KINSA international competition. My photograph was awarded 2nd place in the black and white division and was on display at Epcot Center for two years.

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